How to ern from you tube

The twenty-first century is the audio-visual era. Internet is the biggest revolution of this era. With the help of this, your talk can be conveyed to the people very easily.
It is also used to convey his art and his skills to the people. Many types of social sites exist which prove to be very helpful in such works. Gradually it has become a huge medium. YouTube has become an important role in these mediums.
With its help, people are trying to reach very big and high dreams. Many people are making YouTube their source of income. His life is being cut away from the money earned from this. Many people want and dream to become YouTubers.
What is youtube
YouTube is a kind of social sites, the main feature of which is ‘video’. In this site, almost all types of videos, all kinds of movies are stored, which can be played through the internet and can be enjoyed by watching. This is a video sharing website located in San Bruno, USA. It came into existence on 14 February 2005, almost 12 years ago.

Now its importance has increased a lot and it works as a subsidiary of Google. On this website, a common man can also upload his own channel, upload videos, post, rate, share, report etc. If someone misses a favorite TV daily soap, he can watch the missed episode very easily according to his time.
The best thing is that it does not require any special registration or account to run, yes if the video is for adults only, then the proof of being an adult can be given by giving your e-mail ID. On this website various types of TV shows, reality shows, music videos, short films, documentary films, audio recordings, live performance, movie trailers etc.


A look at the history of YouTube (Youtube history)
YouTube is a company founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chan and Javed Karim. All three were previously employed in PayPal. Hurley did design from Indiana University and Chan and Karim studied computer science at Illinois University. Regarding these people, an incident has been repeatedly mentioned in the media.
According to this, the two friends shot some videos during a party in Chan’s apartment, but they could not share these videos with anyone else. Fed up with this problem, both of them came up with an idea to share the video, which later came to everyone in the form of YouTube.
During YouTube, he got the idea of ​​YouTube. Actually, Karim could not find a video clip of either of these two, because he could not find a video, he imagined a site with which the video could be shared very easily. According to Chan and Hurley, YouTube’s original idea came from an online dating service website and ‘Hot and Note

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